Blob Royal Baby - Free Download

john noble

 (to save to your computer in full resolution, right click, and choose 'save as'...)


Some ides for use - I am certain you will have your own.

 In a group context.

Hand a copies around or display as a projected image.

Get everyone to say where they are on the Blob Tool - and why?

How do you feel about the Royal Baby-world?

How will this baby's life differ from your baby or a baby you know in your family/community?

Get everyone to share a baby story, their own, in their own family or a neighbours? 

Talk feelings. Stories. Learn from the experiences of others.


In the workplace.

Stick one up near the water cooler/coffee outlet.

Ask everyone to add their name next to a Blob which best describes their feelings about Baby Royal?


It can be fun abut self revelation is always good in terms of relationships.