Blob Advent Day #1

john noble

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The Blob Tree is a TOOL

Pip Wilson
The Blob Tree is a TOOL
  • To help meet human needs
  • To help facilitate human development
  • To aid your objectives

The Blob Tree can be used in :
Group Work
Informal Conversations
Informal Education
Formal Education
One on One Support and Counselling

The Blob Tree is used in :
Homeless Hostels
Training Courses
Youth Work Projects
Special Schools
and more ....

Some thoughts on Group Work Use.

  • Think and out line crisply what your objective(s) are.
  • Consider the context in depth :
  • the people who will be present
  • the environment
  • the seating
  • what can go wrong/right
  • the unexpected
  • hidden agendas

Prepare as many of the contextual matters as best you can. The seating and the size of room/space is vital to the work of a group. Outside factors, such as noise and any distractions, are matters which can create insecurity in those present. These can have negative impact on the group process.

Aids to help starting up a group - or encouraging people to attend freely.
- Always start with a big pot of tea and biscuits and developing a warm welcoming rapport among all present.
- Alternatively - Always start the group sessions with a Fondue with chocolate and a big pile donuts to dunk.

Some Possible Objectives
- self revelation.
- opportunity to share real issues and feelings and hear others win their difference and similarity.
- opportunity to articulate feelings and therefore ownership of their reality.
- Opening up issues which can lead to discussion and satisfaction from good communication.

Group Process Thoughts

- Developing a climate of trust is foundational for openness and sharing. Such a climate will help enable humans to take risks for their own development.
- Starting a group with one, or more, simple/fun activity can be an option. Something which helps the group to communicate in a non-threatening environment - with no cause for disagreements, can be good.
- Everyone handed a blob tree on paper is a leveller and gives everyone a chance to 'read' the blob tree from their own experience of life.
- developing a group session culture of everyone being encouraged to share/answer a question is good.

Questions in a process suggestions:

Ask opinions about  how the blob at the top of the tree 'feels'. Point out the 'cowboy stance' of hands on hips and legs apart.
Ask how the one on the top right 'feels'.
Question 1/3
Start by asking those present "Which blob would they select to describe how they felt during the worst time of their lives - in the past?"
If you are the leader - it is good for you to share/answer first to set the standard of openness trust and honesty - the leader is a major influence even if there are string personalities present.
Consider calling the next person to share a person  who you know is prepared to take a risk for their own development. Ask them to be the next person to answer.
Then proceed around the group - ensure you encourage and briefly acknowledge every comment - leaving no-one with unresponsiveness.

Question 2/3
Ask everyone "which blob on the tree would best describe their life at the moment"
Encourage them to use more than one blob figure to express that.
The Leader - starting and opening up first is a great way to start.

Question 3/3
"Which blob on the tree would best describe how you would wish to be in the future?"
Again using more than one blob if that helps.

Conclusion - generally this is long enough to spend in group session. If discussions and exchanges have occurred - there will be deep feelings in individuals because it has been experiential.

There are any more blob drawings which can be used as icebreakers or for whole group work sessions.
Some group workers use the blob tree as the place to start every session.

You know the people and the context better than anyone - maybe.
The above comments are for stimulation only.
Follow your own instinct and remember that the best communication tool is  ...... you.

Pip Wilson

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