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A Blob Gospel Collection - Mark

Huge collection of Blob scenes with a Biblical Gospel theme.

The four Gospels visually translated, verse by verse, provide a unique scaffold for children and adults who are visual learners. Used within families, mixed age groups, mixed cultures, the Blob Gospels work in any country across the World.

Colour images have been created for digital projection whilst the black and white images can be used for printing, colouring-in, and annotation...

Developing a visual language for classic texts has been a challenge at times. When I finally got to the Gospels, the order of drawing them was self-evident. I began with the shortest, Mark. Finding an appropriate way to depict each of the key characters in the sixteen chapters was my first challenge. The Blobs use very simple outlines, focusing upon facial and physical body language...

This Gospel includes some of the most dramatic stories of demon possession, transfiguration and walking on water. Each panel represents a separate verse, visualizing the words therein.


Delivery is via email (after paypal payment) with directions to your download link to single .zip file, which once unzipped will unpack the individual .jpg images (over 240 included here) plus a handy guide in .pdf format..


* the purchased images come without watermark and in full resolution

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