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Several types of Blob Training are available:

An online hour conference – invite Ian to work by Skype/ Facetime with your organisation/ club/ place of work/ team for a one/ two hour session. £150 per hour to anywhere in the world.

A Day Conference – invite Ian to work with your organisation/ club/ place of work/ team for up to 4 hour sessions. £500 per day, plus travel expenses, to anywhere in the world.

These training sessions can be on the following themes: Blob Resources, Using Questions, Emotional Intelligence, the Blob Visual Bible, or a combination of different themes.

Ian has worked one-to-one, in small groups, large groups and conference size groups. He has been a Primary Teacher (KS2) for seventeen years, a youth and pastoral worker for five years and is currently producing no-word materials for publishers.

He has worked with schools, therapists, health workers, places of worship, workshops and mixed age-group organisations. He designs his training to suit the needs of those he works with.

If you would like to discuss a training session with Ian, email ian4m@yahoo.co.uk with your requirements and possible dates.