Working with our partners at educational specialist store Incentive Plus, below you can view a full list with short description of all Blob material available from them. If you click on the header on each item you will be taken directly to their Blob pages to view more information, and then carry on to their checkout if you decide to purchase.

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Blob Tree Posters (click to view)

£22.00 +VAT
Can be used by whole classes, small groups or on a one-to-one basis... Set of 4 posters. Size: 30.5 x 42.5cm, encapsulated; notes for guidance

Giant Blob Feelings Poster

£9.95 +VAT
With so many blob pictures on one poster you will never run out of ideas for discussion. Includes guidance notes.

Size: 84 x 60cm, laminated

Blob Posters Set (4) (click to view)

£22.00 +VAT
4 more posters on the specific emotions of: Happy, Disappointed, Calm, Anger.
Contents: 4 posters, 30.5 x 42.5cm, encapsulated; guidance notes