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A Blob Feelings Collection 2

A 2nd collection of Blob scenes with a Feelings theme, includes : Blob Abuse, Blob Addictions, Blob Anger, Blob Anger Circle, Blob Belong, Blob Competent, Blob E.I. (Emotional Intelligence), Blob Failing, Blob Feelings, Blob Goodbyes, Blob Heat, Blob Hunger, Blob Romance, Blob Self-Harm, Blob Shame, Blob Sickness, Blob Stress, Blob Suicide, Blob Support, Blob Tension, Blob Trauma, Blob Voices.

Black & White & Colour versions (where available) all included

A total of 27 Blob Scenes in this pack (including black & white and colour variants)

* the purchased images come without watermark and in full resolution

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