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Visual Curriculum Assessments and Reports

Why a Visual Curriculum Assessment? Having been a teacher, I recognise that children love images. Even children who struggle with writing feel more confident with pictures. Therefore, I designed the idea of a simple scale from 1 – 5 for each curriculum subject. Instead of writing lots about themselves, children simply use a circle, underline, tick or cross to answer questions about their progress. It’s a quick and effective way to monitor progress and can be used during a single lesson, an observed lesson, during a unit of work or as part of a mid or end of year report, where the children self-assess and the teacher provides a brief comment upon their annotation. 

The Blobs have created a scale for each aspect of learning in a school year – such as listening

To accompany each scale, a set of questions can be added by the teacher, then photocopied and given out during a termly assessment, or an observed lesson, or as part of an annual visual report e.g.

When the children carry out their self-evaluation, teachers should provide basic guidance of what each Blob might symbolise. For example, before each question, describing what each Blob might represent. Always remind the children that accurately self-assessing one’s own ability is a skill in itself.


A total of 28 Blob Scenes in this pack...

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