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Blob Depression

Full 93 Page PDF Format Book

Mental Health is quickly becoming the key health issue for society. Along with anxiety, depression is seen to affect and limit the lives of millions of beautiful people across the UK and the world. Depression is more than a longer word for feeling sad – it can be a state that an individual experiences for weeks, months and even years. Like all mental health, it provokes differing responses. Some people empathise with the individuals, especially if they have passed through a similar experience, whilst others can become angry and shout at a sufferer, wanting them to snap out of it.
In this book Blob Depression, the purpose of creating it is to provide a series of discussion starters using images rather than words . This opens the topic of depression up to people of all ages, all nationalities and abilities. It can be used with sufferers to identify their experience, with partners who walk alongside them, and with those keen to grasp more. The fifty sheets contain a range of approaches which have been developed with people over the years. Each sheet has an explanation of how to use it, and suggested questions to ask. There is space underneath these for you to add your own questions or thoughts about using it in personalized ways.

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