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Blob Tree Group / Site License

Choose your licence size from the following :

1-10 adults £35
11-20 adults £70
21-40 adults £140
41-60 adults £210
61-100 adults £350
101-150 adults £550
151-200 adults £750
201-300 adults £1000
301-400 adults £1400
401-500 adults £1700
500+ adults £2000

We offer range of group licences applicable to the different sizes of groups / schools etc. Each school / organisation should purchase one of these appropriate to the number of adults using this within the school - teachers, TAs, SENCOs, support staff, playground staff and volunteers who will use it.

This Blob Tree tool may be only be used within a school / organisation which has paid for a group licence (For larger groups, please email ian4m@yahoo.co.uk to arrange a suitable licence for your organisation).

This permits the school to use the image as a photocopy, poster, image for projection, use on tablets, Intranet

It does not permit it's use on the school website, or on the Internet in any form

If there are new staff employed, year on year, there is no additional cost
There will be no renewal fee - this is a one off payment for this one product

This group licence permits the purchasing group (school, business, hospital, etc) to use The Blob Tree within its workplace. Any adult may use it there provided this licence has been purchased. It may be photocopied freely, placed on display, be used on internal digital media and Intranets

It may NEVER be used online or taken off the premises. 
If any queries arise about its usage, please contact us

This licence is for a school / organisation with .... adults


* the included images are marked 'blob tree site license' copyright and in full resolution

* Upon payment you will receive links to a bundled .zip file

* remember to add your free Blob Tools Guide to your shopping cart