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Blob Relationships

Full 86 Page PDF Format Book

Relationships are the essence of life. We can have good friends without whom our days would be a drudge and yet also experience bullying and harassment from others. Our family can be a source of comfort or the cause of abuse. The way that we interact with others has developed in the last few years with the advent of smartphones. Communication has increased and for many, stress levels have increased with the rise of social media. This book, therefore, provides a way for children at primary school to reflect upon all aspects of life.
Why use Blobs? They are genderless characters whose feelings and behaviour can be recognised by children as young as four. They are drawn as simply as possible, without cultural clothing or ages, unless it relates to the specific topic. The Blobs provide an opportunity for open discussion about feelings and issues. They do not provide a conclusion. They are a starting point for topics. The more open to a variety of possibilities that we as educators are, the more likely that children will express their true feelings about subjects being raised.

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